Saturday, July 08, 2017

Pretties From My Garden

The state of the world still has me wanting to sit here with my fingers in my ears going 'La la la la' so here are some pretties from my garden - and yes, I know the photo quality isn't great but the pesky flowers were too busy dancing in the wind to pose obligingly.

One that made me laugh because it looks like this pair of out of season daffodils have turned their backs on us. Not that I would blame them if they had. These are in the flower bed directly outside the backdoor.

On the other hand this pot of equally out of season jonquils - unlike the paperwhite jonquils the yellow ones don't usually bloom here until well into August - are apparently much more inclusive as they are all looking around in different directions. The perfume when I was taking the photo was glorious, too.

The bulbs are probably going to regret their premature flowering - brought on by the very mild beginning we had to winter - because in the past week temperatures have dropped dramatically.  Overnight it has been around 4°C and days have been below 18°C. Okay all you folk from colder climes can stop laughing now but by our standards this is very cold and we're not geared up for these temperatures. We build our houses to cope with summer heat not winter cold. This week we even had snow on the Stirling Ranges in the state's south, an event infrequent enough for people to drive several hundred kilometres to experience it.

And that is all there is for today, I'm afraid. Please excuse me while I go and eat the handful of luscious strawberries I found hiding among the hanging baskets on the veranda which make up my strawberry 'bed'.


Jo said...

Funny to me driving to see snow, but here people drive many miles to look at some of the splendid fall colours. Only time we did so, it rained and knocked all the pretty leaves off the trees anyway LOL. We get a pretty good show outside our windows anyway.

Daffodils and Jonquils are so pretty. Used to have an excellent display in our flower beds in North Carolina.

Helen V. said...

They get a lot of snow on the mountains on the east coast - the ski season is a very big deal in southern parts there - but here in the west it's rare enough for it to be a novelty.

Pity you missed out on the leaf colour. That's something else we get only a little of here on the coast although once you get into the hills to the south things are a little brighter. Nothing to compare with North America, though.

Satima Flavell said...

Mine have not even budded up yet!

Helen V. said...

Everything in the garden going crazy around here, Satima. The daffodils even beat the Iceland poppies into flower and it's usually the opposite way around.