Thursday, June 29, 2017

So This Week...

While there have been some lovely personal moments like a visit from our daughter and youngest granddaughter and Grandparents' Day at our oldest grandchild's school was great fun not everything everywhere has been so wonderful.

But I'm not going to talk about all that is going wrong in the world. Instead here a few entertaining links.

Aw. What could be sweeter than a little white lion cub making friends.

Then there's a baby cheetah and his puppy friend.

And finally some ice dancers - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir perform at the 2017 World Championship.


Jo said...

Not bad, an Australian brings up a video of an Canadian dance couple of whom I had never heard. Well I had heard of the couple but not this competition.

Cute animal pix. I was in a cage with some cheetah youngsters some years ago, very playful, just like big puddy tats.

Helen V. said...

The internet makes the world small, doesn't it, Jo, and I am seriously envious that you got to interact with cheetah kits. That must have been a wonderful experience.

Jo said...

Matt was doing some security work at a Safari Park not far from here and they were 'socializing' the cheetahs. Matt asked if he could bring me to visit them and they said yes. I have some pix somewhere. One of them nipped me on the bum LOL. Their tongues when licking felt a bit like sandpaper but they purred just like domestic cats and loved being petted.

Helen V. said...

What a wonderful experience.