Monday, May 08, 2017

Not Been Around Much Lately, Have I

and I'm sorry. I've still been struggling with health problems which have meant I can count on one hand the times I've left the house for anything other than doctors' appointments since last November when I started the series of infections which have left me battered and totally lacking in energy. There's light at the end of the tunnel though. In the last week I've actually managed to stay out of bed until around 2:30 PM every day. This is a massive improvement over crashing at around lunch time which has been the pattern pretty much since mid November last year. I even managed to go to a morning tea, the first purely social event I've been to for five and a half months. Is this a sign that I'm recovering at last? I sincerely hope so.

I was feeling so inspired by this turn of events that after we went to the doctor on Friday - yes, there's still a lot of that going on but you can't have everything, can you - I suggested to Pisces that we should go and get some seedlings from our local Bunnings store and now I have a veggie patch of seedlings sitting out the back ready to plant out along with some flowers. I've already planted out the rainbow chard, sugar snap peas and snow peas and the kangaroo paws but there are others - coriander, beetroot, pak choy, onions, fennel, lettuce and mizuna and mustard (I've no idea what the last two will be like but I do like to experiment with new flavours) which, along with some iceland poppies and calendulas, will gradually make their way into the garden.

I'm hoping things will continue to improve because I've had enough of feeling unwell - and, although he'd never say so I'm pretty sure Pisces is feeling equally fed up since he's the one who has had to pick up the slack for me. My fingers are crossed and if you like you might want to wish me luck, too.


Jo said...

Most definitely Helen. I hope the improvements which have happened so far will continue to increase until you are back to normal. Miserable being unwell.

Graham Clements said...

Good to hear your health is improving. That sounds like one busy garden, especially for winter. In Wang I only usually grow broccoli over the winter. I still have carrots growing.


Helen V. said...

Thanks, Jo. Even this slight improvement has been a long time coming but at least things are starting to look more positive.

Helen V. said...

Thanks, Graham. You're braver than me in growing broccoli. I gave up due to the fight with cabbage moth. I'm experimenting this year with putting out fake butterflies cut from white plastic in hopes they'll leave the pak choy alone.