Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Still Waiting for the Fun to Start

In the meantime a few random things.

1. Waiting for Pisces outside a doctor's office yesterday. A couple with a baby in a pram arrives. Mum goes off to do something and Dad sits down to wait for her. Baby, who looks about 10 or 11 months old, is busy checking out the space. Then his eyes fix on me and a slight smile begins. Since a small person around that age is very much apart of our lives I do what I do with her and wave at him. By now Dad is watching and enjoying the interaction. Baby stares at me obviously unsure but fascinated. I wave again and now Baby is totally fixed on me but he isn't going to actually respond. No, he's trying to play it cool but he can't help the smile flickering and spoiling the solemnity. Dad is laughing by now and when Mum comes back we have a quick chat until Pisces arrives. The whole time Baby's gaze is fixed on me and when I stand up and go to the lift he watches me until the doors close.

2. Having a tooth extracted is better than I expected. This is because dentists are really good on pain relief these days and because our health insurance covered the whole cost. I have to wait for three months for everything to heal up, though, before they can look at giving me an implant to replace the missing tooth - and I'm still amazed that a tooth which was root canalled and crowned years ago could develop an infection after such a long time.

3. I decided not to do the A-Z Blog Challenge this year. I'm too disorganised due to all the health issues Pisces and I have both been having. Feels a bit odd though not to be spending April in search of interesting alphabet blogging subjects.

4. I have signed up for the Australian Women Writers Challenge again. Everything crossed that I actually get to post some reviews this year. I should because I've already read more this year than I have in a long time. Being sick does that to me, I find. As soon as I'm beginning to recover I start reading.


Jo said...

Love the baby story. Sympathise with the teeth. I too have recently had teeth removed and will be getting a partial on April 20th. Still got one more filling to undergo though.

Hope your health problems are improved these days.

Helen V. said...

The baby was very cute. The tooth not so much. The cheek near the extraction has acquired a whole lot of mouth ulcers - probably because it was scraped during the extraction. Still they'll go before long. I have to wait for everything to heal before I can get anything to replace it. Apparently a partial denture won't work for some reason.

Health is still not too good. I've got a referral to a specialist physician - horribly expensive since he has a private practice but the public waiting list is very long - and I hope he'll be able to offer some useful suggestions.