Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A Little Something From My Vegetable Garden

Before I got sick - and it''s now more than two and a half months since I got the original infection - I had planted the summer vegetable garden. In fact I was already picking the first of the vegetables before I ended up in hospital. This has meant that, although I haven't been able to do much to keep up repeat plantings, we have been able to harvest regularly getting most of our vegetables from the garden. At present we are harvesting tomatoes, zucchini, burpless and Lebanese cucumbers, silver beet, rainbow chard, nasturtiums, capsicums, beetroot and spring onions as well as onion chives, garlic chives, flat leaved and Afro parsley and several kinds of basil.

This morning I went out to water and while I was there I took a few photos. Here they are.

This pretty little thing is the flower of the snake bean. These are the most successful beans I grow and they are prolific.

These lovely golden blossoms are zucchini
flowers. Spectacular, aren't they - and 
they're good to eat, too

And finally here is some stunning purple basil, which also tastes as good as it looks.


Jo said...

When I saw the zucchini leaves I immediately wondered if you ate them. I haven't had them in many a long year, used to enjoy them stuffed.

Hope you are feeling more the thing these days Helen. The mere fact you can get out to water is an improvement.

Helen V. said...

They are lovely stuffed, Jo, and my husband likes them dipped into batter and deep fried - not that I do that too often since it's hardly healthy.

I'm still struggling with my health unfortunately. Some of the watering is all I can manage but it gives me a chance to be outside for a bit which stops me going crazy.