Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ah Summer

- and this is a strange one as summers go. We have had hot days with maxima mid thirties to low forties centigrade but they have not lasted long, only a few days at a time. Then they've been followed by quite cool days where the temperature has been in the low to mid twenties. This is not the usual pattern. Normally we'd expect 5-7 days at the higher temperatures and then a period with temperatures in the high twenties.

With considerable effort  - and a lot of help from Pisces - I've managed to keep up the watering to the pot plants and the veggie garden but even these are suffering because I was about to order the mulch that is essential for summer here when i got sick. Pisces is well intentioned but he's no gardener so ordering mulch did not rate highly in his list of priorities at a rather stressful time.

We're now heading into the hottest part of summer - well, it is usually but who knows what it'll be like this year - so we've decided we can't delay any longer and, although I'm still not well enough to do anything energetic like spreading mulch, we need to get it ordered and in place. Pisces is not enthusiastic - he's the one who'll have to spread the mulch - but he accepts that if he wants to keep being able to pick his vegetables from the garden he's going to need to do the work. Life is hard, isn't it.


Jo said...

I sympathise with Pisces, but do see the point. It must be nice to have your own fresh veggies.'

Any improvement in your health Helen? I do hope so.

Helen V. said...

I saw the doctor on Thursday, Jo, and he's muttering about referring me to a physician if things don't get better. Fingers crossed they improve soon.

I do love fresh vegetables straight from the garden. They taste so much better and it's nice to feel you are providing some of your food, too, instead of relying on the shops.