Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's Been Been Hot.

Oh yes, it has.Yesterday it had reached 37 C on our shady veranda by 11:00 AM and we're close to the beach where it's usually cooled down by the sea breeze. This used to be known as the Fremantle Doctor round here, I haven't heard it called that for many years but it's not a bad choice given it is always refreshing and a relief after a scorching day.

Sadly yesterday the Doctor only managed a few pathetic breaths - fortunately enough to keep the smoke from a fire in a piece of bushland only a few kilometres away heading in the opposite direction from us at least until the firies got it under control. Then it dropped which meant the outside temperature was still 34 C the last time I checked at around 8:30 PM. Inside, though, it was still a quite pleasant 29 C thanks to our efficient insulation and the way the architect who designed our house planned for the climate.

Around 9:30 PM I took some rubbish out to the bin and decided it had cooled enough for me to open a few windows and doors. Not the best idea as it turned out because within half an hour smoke came rushing in - the fire had flared up again - and I raced around shutting windows and doors. Still the house was cool and comfortable. We hadn't even had to turn on the ceiling fans.

This morning the temperature raced up outside. By 9:00 AM it was 34 C and it looked like we were in for another scorching day but by midday the temperature had dropped to 30 C as the sea breeze came in. It's now 17 C and the forecast for tomorrow is for rain and a maximum of 21 C. Such a range of temperature in two days is to put it mildly unusual but I suspect it's something we have to get used to. Weather patterns are changing all over the world and we will just have to adjust.

And in one final note which has nothing to do with weather my iPad has been doing some bizarre things while I've been typing this post. Autocorrect has been making some interesting changes. The best/worst was changing 'managed' to 'megadeath'. Really. Well it would have made for a very different post, wouldn't it.


Jo said...

Megadeath eh? Do I take it you don't have air conditioning? Don't think I could stand it.

Helen V. said...

I do have air conditioning, Jo, but the inside of the house was cool enough not to turn it on.