Friday, August 05, 2016

Feeling Low

I hope you're not. I certainly am.

In my case it's because I've had to accept the reality that for the next few months at least it's out of the question for me to take on a dog. I've acquired a couple of injuries that make walking extremely painful and limited and one of these may need to be addressed by a very new and still somewhat controversial form of surgery. I'm trying not to think about that at the moment at least until I've seen the very popular surgeon who is the only one in Perth doing this procedure (and consequently that looks like it will take some months) and know for sure.

The reason I've come to this doggie decision is because we've have just had a sweet little rescue pup for a fortnight with a view to adopting her. There were a couple of issues that would have taken some work - there always are with rescues so that didn't faze me - but the clincher was the realisation that I wouldn't be able to walk her sufficiently to keep her socialised. It would have had to have been me because she had some issues with interacting with other dogs and while Pisces loves dogs I am the one who has more experience in with dealing with problem behaviours. It was a difficult decision but it was in her best interests to send her back so she could find a forever home with someone can help her grow into the dog she can be. She was a truly sweet little dog, though, and in only a fortnight she had already made her way into our hearts.

So there were tears and and there is sadness and something is missing from our lives. We will get another dog but we need to get over these hurdles first. In the meantime are we blue? Yes, we are.

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