Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh Poor Paris

and poor Beirut, too. Both cities have undergone terrorist attacks in the last few days and all I can think of is why. This follows the recent crash of the Russian passenger jet in Sinai that may have been caused by a bomb. So many lives lost and why? Simply to spread terror as far as I can see because there's no military or other objective to be gained. I can't help thinking that the world has gone mad. Some form of collective insanity seems the only answer because there's no rationality to it.

How we can deal with this I don't know and my heart bleeds for all those who have lost family and friends in these atrocities.


Jo said...

As Fil says in her post, make music. Spread good vibrations throughout the world.

It is all so pointless isn't it?

Helen V. said...

Heartbreaking, Jo, just heartbreaking.