Friday, July 10, 2015

Okay, This is Getting Silly Now

The World War 2 ear worms keep coming and I have no idea why. Most of them weren't a part of time of my childhood - I'm not that old - but I must have heard them at some time. Anyway this is the latest that has settled in my head. It's one of those silly songs which were so popular in wartime England. It's Hey Little Hen and this version is David W. Solomon and is certainly not one of the originals.


Jo said...

I don't know that one and I am certainly not going to follow the link. I did live through the war years, I am that old. LOL

Helen V. said...

I was born in the latter stages of the war, Jo, but was too young for it to have had any actual impact on my childhood - and i think you're wise not to follow the link.