Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Been a Bit Quiet, Haven't I.

That's because Christmas, New Year and big birthday celebrations and hot - very, very hot. Well, I live in the south western Australia so of course summer is hot. Even so 44 degrees C is pretty hard to take. I've just been outside watering the vegetable garden and even before 9:00 AM it was baking. Amazingly even those plants I haven't put shade cloth over are doing well. Whether they'll be so full of life after another day close to 40 degrees C is something w'll just have to wait and see.

I like growing at least some of my own food so the vegie patch is an important part of my life. This year I was late putting the summer crops in because the dividing fence between us and one of our neighbours was in danger of falling down and the earthworks required to put a new one in involved digging up much of where I usually put my vegetables. As soon as it was finished I planted but everything is now behind. Usually by now at the least we'd be harvesting enough beans, tomatoes, spring onions, cucumbers, zucchinis and lots of herbs to feed us and freeze for later. Never mind, though, because there will be at least another four months of warm weather and the current crop will be in full production soon. When I went out this morning the still small zucchini and butternut squash plants were a blaze of brilliant golden flowers and they, along with some basil and nasturtium flowers and leaves, can make a pleasant part of a meal.

Hmm, I just realised I should have taken a photo because they were lovely. Ah well next time.

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