Sunday, December 28, 2014

Seasons and Reasons

So here we are halfway through the holiday week that starts with Christmas Day and ends with New Year - and for the most part it's been good. Family, good friends and far too much delicious food. Having a small grandchild around is an added bonus. We've yet another feast on New Years Day and then - a little later - there's a special birthday party for me (having a birthday just after New Year means I've had very few parties in my life - 4 in fact - so, this year being a milestone one, I'm determined to enjoy it).

We've had a frustrating year in many ways and a sad one at times with the deaths of several dear friends overshadowing much of the time but I finally managed to overcome my initial apathy towards the season and there are tins still full of goodies to eat, decorations and silly photos. See.

A small dog in her Christmas finery. She gets dressed in this every year but this time she was NOT impressed.

Tree with cat decoration.

Christmas kitty - in detail.

Seasons greetings to you all and may the coming year bring you all you desire. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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