Monday, July 14, 2014

More Linkage

I'm going back to my sickbed for the day - day 4 if you can believe it. Still I am slowly improving so until I'm up and about again here is linkage. They are all artistic endeavours although very different from each other.

The first is 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art, an extraordinary morph animation put together by Philip Scott Johnson.

Then there's Sarah Stone's equally extraordinary cover of Royals accompanied only by the beat of her hands on a table and a cup - and we get some idea of how hard this was to do in the first 20 seconds.

An intriguing bison sculpture by John Lopez made from recycled farm machinery. Read the rest of the article and you can see more examples of his work.

A little whimsy here. Whether you approve of graffiti art or not these are clever.

And for sheer beauty there is this ethereal sculpture  from the Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures website where you can see other equally lovely sculptures.

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