Thursday, April 10, 2014

Islands - A-Z Blog Challenge

I have a friend who keeps sending me advertisements about islands for sale or lease. I know why she does. We share similar feelings about city life, only living in one from necessity. We're not alone. The idea of slipping off to an island where no-one could interfere with you and you could live as you please must be one of the oldest dreams of mankind, at least since our lives got tied up with laws, regulation and red tape. A deserted island, somewhere with no-one breathing down your neck, watching you, making you conform. What could be better?

Actually, a lot of things. I'm a modern woman. I want good health care, schools, a chance to interact with others when I want, someone to take of me if I become unable to look after myself (well the last may be a tad optimistic given the way our current government is cutting things). So maybe not deserted. Maybe not even uninhabited. Perhaps I need something that gives me access to all these things and still allows me to feel free, somewhere I can have a lifestyle that doesn't involve living in a city, where I can feel that I could survive without civilisation if I wanted to or had to.

With that in mind I give you these.

Tanera Mor is a small inhabited island in the Inner Hebrides and apparently there's a tourist business as well. Might be a teensy bit chilly in winter but I'm sure we could get around that.

Then there's this unnamed island in Khora in the Aegean Sea, only 30 minutes by speed boat from Athens. A hefty price tag and possibly no water source but, hey, if I could afford to buy it I'm pretty sure I could afford to put in tanks. I saw an an amazing documentary on how the Romans made Capri habitable with gigantic underground cisterns. If they could do it so can we. Right?

And here's a whole bundle of them. This is from a couple of years ago so some might be off the market but who knows. You may be lucky.

They all sound great, don't they. When I win the Lotto I'll buy one. You can come and visit if you like.


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