Friday, July 12, 2013

Blogs That Have Something to Say To Me

This is by no means a definitive or complete list but these are just a few of the blogs I check in on at least once a week, often more frequently. They're all, in my opinion, worth a look at for many and varied reasons. Some are writing related, some are social commentators - some are both as you'll see if you visit them, some are genre related and some are simply people blogging about things that catch my interest. I enjoy them all because they make me think or entertain me. I hope they do the same for you. They are in alphabetical order by title for ease of listing, not because of any particular importance.

A Conversational Life: My Life in Family, Friends and Books

Baroque in Hackney

Champagne and Socks

Hoyden About Town

Jim C. Hines

Jo, on Food, My Travels and a Scent of Chocolate

Peter M. Ball

Satima Flavell

Stitching Words, One Thread at a Time

The Bloggess

Tropic Temper


Yarn Harlot

There are, of course, many more blogs I visit - and enjoy - regularly but this post is already quite long enough so I'll do another with more at some time in the future.


Satima Flavell said...

Thanks for the link, Helen - and thanks for those blogs addies, too. I only know 2 or 3 of them. The internet is full of wonders!

Satima Flavell said...

BTW, Blogger seems to have improved its security. On the advice of Jo (of scent of chocolate fame) I stopped using the not-a-robot screening some weeks ago and have had no spam. I still moderate comments, though - I think it's wise to do one or the other.

Helen V. said...

I've had a few comments I've not been happy with, Satima, so I'll keep on moderating them but I take your point about the not-a-robot.

Anonymous said...
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Helen V. said...
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