Sunday, May 05, 2013


I've just realised Angus has shared our home for nearly five years. He's a funny, neurotic kitty. I love him dearly and he returns the favour. When we first got him he spent most of his time hiding in the spare room. He'd think he'd want to come out to play then after a short time he'd panic and race off to hide again. From the beginning he attached himself to me, following me around and smooching but he was terrified of men. Even when he decided the house was safe he would not let Pisces near him (which, as he's a man who loves cats, was very upsetting). It was a full year before Angus even allowed him to touch. He slowly came around and now he demands rubs making Pisces very happy.

Now we've passed another milestone. Although he has smooched and cuddled with me and creeps onto my bed to sleep - I wake up to find him with his head resting on my foot - he's never sat on my lap. He stretches out on the arm of the sofa so he can touch me while I'm watching television but that final move on to my lap has been a step too far. I've even tried picking him up and putting him there but he immediately jumps off - until yesterday when he jumped on the sofa arm, sat looking at my lap for a moment and gently stepped down and, purring madly, settled himself comfortably, closed his eyes and relaxed.

He's still terrified of other people - my daughter-in-law says she's never seen more than the tip of a tail disappearing under the bed - but it seems he's decided to take that final step. I guess it means he's finally accepted us and his place in the household completely.


Keira McKenzie said...

Ah - how lovely :-) I've had cats like that. And it is such an amazing thing, to earn their trust. But you know you've done it now, don't you. Make sure you don't watch long tv shows 'cuse it's gonna be stiff biccies for you if you want a cup of tea!!

Helen V. said...

It's worth it though. He's on the window sill in front of me at the moment so he can keep an eye on me and come with me whenever I leave the room.

Satima Flavell said...

What a milestone! Of course, it's a two edged sword as there will be times when you'll want to get up and daren't for fear of offending Angus!

Helen V. said...

You're probably right, Satima.