Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Western Cultural Imperialism Bingo Card

I've a post about about this going up on the Egoboo WA blog but it's so important I'm linking to it here as well.

Aliette de Bodard and others have put together The Western Cultural Imperialism Bingo Card to draw attention to some of the less sensitive views about non-Western cultures on the internet. As a Franco-Vietnamese born in the US Aliette de Bodard is in an ideal position to see both sides. I cringed at some of the statements because I've heard them said and not only on the internet.

As I belong to a family of varied and mixed ethnicities it really strikes home to me. I'd strongly recommend reading the comments too - not something I'd always recommend on the internet having been burned by reading outrageous and offensive comments too often - because this time there are useful explanations of the statements on the card.

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