Friday, May 11, 2012


I've just been out in the garden to actually do some work for the first time in mumble mumble. This hasn't been because I'm naturally not inclined to work in the garden. I love it. There's very little better than making plants grow in my opinion. The reasons keeping me from getting out there have not been of my making. First there were - and still are to some extent - the complications from surgery which have kept me pretty much housebound for much of the last year. Added to that is the mess created by the build next door which they have yet to fix. There's a hole over a metre deep, around half a metre wide and approximately 20 metres long on our side of the fence which their builders dug not to mention the pulled up paving and other damage they have not repaired. This means there's a vast area of our garden that we can't do anything about until they deign to act,  and it's not enhanced by the fence we've cobbled together to keep the dog from falling into the hole. The whole thing is depressing beyond belief because it's the view we see every time we look out from the long verandah that runs the width of the house. 
But today - driven, I confess, by the approaching trucks of the Council green waste clean up - we tackled the pruning on the top terrace and it was good. Keeping our backs turned to the disaster area it reminded me of just how enjoyable some time in the garden can be. I'm off to write another letter to the builders. They've been robbing me of my garden long enough.

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