Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas Day 2011

The good:

We got to see family - alway a bonus. There were a few missing - one of my brothers is overseas as is one of my nieces - but we got to welcome some others into the family with another niece's boyfriend - now fiance since he proposed yesterday - and his daughters.

We had a huge family lunch. Thanks to the brilliant cooks in my family there was something delicious for everyone - and in a family where several of us suffer from severe food allergies that's quite a challenge.

My artist niece gave me a portrait she had painted of me and my son and daughter-in-law gave us some framed photos of their wedding. Lovely. So were the other gifts. All thoughtfully chosen and to be enjoyed.

The not-so-good:

It was the first Christmas that we have had without my mother. Although for the last few years she has been too frail to join us for lunch - her increasing dementia meant the noise was too stressful and confusing - part of the ritual of Christmas Day was going to visit her. She is greatly missed.

So that was our Christmas. I hope you and your families all had as great a day as we did.


Satima Flavell said...

I'm with your mum - Christmas is a confusing, stressful and noisy time and I have stopped celebrating it, apart from maybe getting together with a handful of friends or family members. This year we - two of my sons, the family of one of them, and I - got together last Sunday because that family was going away for Christmas, which they always do as they also like to avoid the chaos and hype.

I didn't mind the rush and bustle when I had young children but these days I'd rather have a nice quiet day at home! I hope all the stress hasn't exacerbated your ailments and that you're feeling OK!I stand in awe of your resilience.

Helen V. said...

I usually love Christmas but this year being sick for most of December meant I never really got into it. Still my family and I do enjoy getting together for any occasion so Christmas is just another excuse.

Turns out there is an upside to being sick too. When I got dressed on Christmas Day I found the dress that was rather snug at the beginning of the month is now verging on too loose.