Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bye Bye Nano Target

So a whole bunch of things - mainly health related - decided to attack me all at once and something had to give. It was either me or the word count. I won.

It's not that I haven't still been working on my novel. It's more that I have been less interested in how much I've written and more interested in technical stuff like making sure the plot works and the connections to the first novel are in place so the story arc is where it should be. I'm actually very happy about what I have achieved so far - and, of course, there is still a week to go so there will be more words. I won't do a count up again until November 30 and while that won't make me a 'winner' it will do. I expect the final total will be around 20,000 words added which will advance things nicely - and, given what has been happening, is not too bad at all.

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