Wednesday, October 05, 2011

More From My Sickbed.

No, you are not going to get the gory details. It's just that when you're sick your brain cannot cope with anything that requires you to think too much. Hurts your brain, it does. So you watch daytime and subscription television, carefully choosing that which does not require any brain function at all. It's amazing just how much of that you can find when you make an effort. In the last week and a half - it consoles me to hear that I am not the only one who has this bug and that all my fellow sufferers seem to be struggling to get back on their feet as well. It also makes me very sympathetic to them too - I have watched more home decorating programmes than I knew existed, renewed my acquaintance with Judge Judy - and remembered why I stopped watching her, and spent some time watching programmes on people whose illnesses are much more serious than my current one. Unusually for me I haven't been watching cooking programmes or reading cookery books but I will know I am on the mend when I find myself browsing the bookshelves to select some cook books to bring back to bed with me instead of flicking through the channels. For now I'm snuggling back under the rugs. I'll be back soon.

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