Sunday, September 25, 2011


There are many things I should be doing - I'm not even going to list them because it's too scary - but instead, while I'm waiting for the last load of washing to finish, I'm sitting here eating mulberries. They are so good. Not quite sweet as those I remember from my childhood though. We lived on an unusually large block where we kept chickens and to give them shade there was a mulberry tree. My parents planted it after much pleading from me because we needed, at least in my opinion, a mulberry tree. Quite apart from the berries we had a large number of silkworms to feed. My parents, bless them, indulged me and both I and the hens, which loved any berries that fell and I guess the silkworms - were all happy. My brothers and I used to climb the tree and pick vast quantities of the luscious fruit - and eat as many as we picked. Any that weren't eaten fresh Mum converted into tarts, pies and jam. Yum!

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