Wednesday, August 03, 2011

For a Laugh

I just love The Bloggess. She has a unique slant on life that reduces me to helpless laughter. I should warn you though that she does use language that may offend but I'm willing to accept that for the laughs.

Edit: I confess I haven't read her other blogs and columns which I suspect might be a little more confronting.

Yesterday's post involved writing messages on bananas. Doesn't sound much but what she did with it was hysterical. It inspired me to do the same to all the bananas in my house. The result was better than I'd hoped. To see Pisces do a double-take when the bananas spelled out the message 'Zombies coming. Hide!' then 'Run! Now!' and more was well worth the effort.
She doesn't only make me laugh though. Her weekly list linking to other blogs has some pearls in it too. That's where I found this.

PS: her post on Beyonce the chicken went viral. Read it and you'll see why.

PPS: I also like that she calls herself The Bloggess instead of confusing the diminutive 'ette' with the feminine 'ess' as happens so often. I have to admire someone who knows these things and uses them correctly.

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