Friday, June 17, 2011


House: one completed ensuite bathroom which makes me smile every time I look into it. What was a cramped, uncomfortable space because of its configuration seems to have expanded to twice its original size now it's been rearranged - and that's with fitting in a double size shower.

Today there are men drilling, hammering, sawing and tiling in the other bathroom, toilet and laundry and that also pleases me - even if I sometimes have to resort to ear plugs.

Personal: I've been remarkably pain free after my surgery if fed up with being unable to do anything. Crutches do not make life easy. On the other hand, we've been saddened by a death in the family with all that entails.

On the plus side though I've discovered a lot of fascinating documentaries on pay TV that I wouldn't otherwise watched and I'm half way through reading my ninth novel. Eek! I've just realised that means I'm running out of books. Only one left after this one of what looked like an enormous pile I had set aside.

So a mixed bag really.

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