Sunday, May 15, 2011


Tomorrow morning - allegedly at 8:00 AM but I'll be ready by seven. I've been caught before - men will come armed with jack hammers and other tools. They will take to the en-suite bathroom, ripping out its fixtures and fittings in preparation for more men to come and replace that which has been ripped out, retile and refurbish. They will, I am reliably informed produce more dust in this process than I would believe possible. To avoid this I have decamped from my bedroom, which adjoins the en-suite, covering everything I couldn't take with me in plastic and hope. There will be noise and a panic-stricken cat to deal with as well as a small dog who will want to help. I don't think there'll be much blogging - but who knows. Anything is possible.


Rosanne Dingli said...

Whatever you do, don't let the dog help. And I love that you covered your stuff with hope ... I have been known to do that a lot.

Helen - I would like to send you an invitation to my launch. Is a link enough? Please go here, and let anyone else who might be interested know by forwarding this link ... Karrinyup Writers' Club?)

Helen V. said...

Thanks for the link, Rosanne. I'll forward it on. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to attend. I'm having surgery during the following week and time is very limited. It's a pity because it sounds a great idea.