Monday, October 19, 2009

More on the Writing Race.

My grand total for the weekend is 1466 words and some plotting fix ups. It might not seem much but given the problems I'm having physically typing at the moment I'm not really unhappy with what I've achieved. This race has got me back to my usual writing pattern which is a good thing. It had been under stress for lots of reasons given this has not been a good year. Ah well the next must be better.

My fellow racers, Glenda and Carol, have also had their own problems distracting them. Did we set off some kind of jinx? I suppose anything is possible.

Despite everything I'm not giving up - and nor are they. I'm off to crank out a few more words. My poor characters don't know what they're in for. I do. Hehehe. Rubs hands with glee.


Jason Fischer said...

You can do it!

[sending powerful writing energies through this keyboard]

Now there's NO WAY you can fail :-)

Imagine me said...

I feel it, Jason, waves of energy radiating out. LOL
Thanks, mate.