Monday, June 22, 2009

Got the 'Flu?

I'm just emerging from it and it's the 'ordinary' seasonal kind, not the panic inducing swine 'flu. I'm well aware that influenza is a serious illness but I'm not at all convinced that as 'swine' 'flu has spread out from its source that it is anymore serious than any other kind. But I'll tell you one thing ... I'd rather not have had either.
BTW sorry to those of you who came across the unfinished version but there's the proof of how sick I was. I actually was struggling to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes and must have touched Publish by accident instead of Save.


Graham Clements said...

I'm just getting over it and I also had eye flu or conjunctivitis at the same time. So good to be able to go for a swim for the first time in over a week today.

Imagine me said...

You have my sympathy. The 'flu was bad enough by itself. I can't imagine what conjunctivitis on top of it would be like.