Monday, November 24, 2008

Clarion South Revisit

I've just had word from my Clarion South mate, Jason Fischer, that over on Voyager Online they are about to start a series of blog pieces on Clarionites including a number of my fellow Clarion Southers and me. Go here to get an idea of the Clarion experience and, if you are interested in my personal experience, you can read it in the archives of this blog. In fact, wanting a record of the experience is what started me blogging.

It's hard to realise that it is now more than two years since I got the phone call that started me on the way to Clarion South. It really was a life changing event for me and not only in writing speculative fiction. The skills I learned have benefitted me in all areas of my writing including my literary and non-fiction work and even spilled over into my poetry. Just as importantly I gained good friends whose help in so many parts of my life is incalculable.

Although places have closed for Clarion South 2009 there will be others and there are also Clarion and Clarion West in the USA. If you are serious about your writing and love speculative fiction these are the places to go to further your craft.

For more information go to the Clarion South website.

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