Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't They Know It's Spring?

We're in the middle of an unusually warm spell. In the space of a week maximum temperatures have ranged from 22 degrees Celsius to today's 34.1 and still rising around midday. Thirty plus is not unusual for Perth in summer but not during Spring. This is early and sudden and we've been left struggling - and sweating.

I began regular summer watering of the garden for the first time just over a week ago when I weeded the sweet potato patch and discovered it was bone dry. We're restricted to watering on only two days a week these days and we get to water on Saturday and Wednesday. My garden had its drink on Saturday morning but it wasn't enough. When I got home yesterday the rose blossoms were all literally burned to a crisp. I went out to dead head them and the blooms shattered between my fingers. The other flowers haven't fared much better. By noon there wasn't a single petal left on the poppies which were so spectacular when I got up this morning, the cactus blossoms had faded and collapsed and even tough flowers like the dianthus were dropping petals like confetti.

The forecast for tomorrow is 28 degrees with a possible thunderstorm. Let's hope it's right.


Carol Ryles said...

Oh that's really sad. Some of our back lawn has big brown patches already. Last week it was total green. And summer hasn't even started yet!

Satima Flavell said...

I hope the showers of the last few days have refreshed the garden, Helen. But I guess one of the downs of climate change is that will simply to longer be possible to grow many exotics

Satima Flavell said...

PS - there's something funny about your recent post. It hasn't anywhere to comment and it doesn't have a date stamp at the bottom. Odd. Probably silly old Blogger actiing up again.

Imagine me said...

You're right. That is very odd. I don't know what happened but I've managed to retrieve it as it should be.