Sunday, September 16, 2007

Winged Eagles

I'm not saying Collingwood didn't play well. They did and they certainly deserved their victory on the night. But the Eagles were beaten as much by injury as another team. Without Chris Judd, Daniel Kerr and Ben Cousins playing, then losing Ashley Hansen to injury after fourteen minutes of play as well as David Wirrapunda and several others carrying an injury, they really played an amazing game to bring it to a draw. That they just couldn't manage to score the vital goal in the play-off is not a reason for them to beat themselves up. Well done, Eagles, and thanks for an exciting season. Better luck next year.

It's hardly a surprise (to Virgo and me at least but maybe we're just prescient) but it's just been announced that Chris Judd is not re-signing with the Eagles and hoping to sign with a Melbourne club for next year. If that had happened early in the season I would have thought it was a disaster but the way the team played after injury reduced his performance to about 60% I think there's still plenty of hope for next year. We'll hear the Club song again.


Satima Flavell said...

The Eagles are out, Chris Judd is leaving and my life is in tatters:-(

Imagine me said...

And I booked a single room for Conflux just so I could watch the Eagles beat Geelong! This hurts in so many ways.