Thursday, November 30, 2006


Okay, just to find out how it worked I wrote and deleted a post and it vanished as it should from my Dashboard. All fine so far but why is it that every time I try to view my blog on said Dashboard the deleted blog appears? I have gone through all the FAQs, typed the question into Blogger Help with no answers. What am I doing wrong? I'm wasting valuable time here just trying to look at my blog. Aaaaaargh!

For now I'm going to ignore this question/problem. I need to get on with my Clarion preparations. Time is flying and I have too much to do. Do you want to know what exactly? Here's a little list.

I have to set up my laptop.

I need an organised story file. Somehow ideas on scraps of paper seem less than satisfactory.

I need clothes. Boy do I need clothes. They may recommend casual but there are limits even to that.

I have to make sure the family know what they need to so the household keeps functioning. I'm thinking about things like paying regular bill for example. Note to self: learn to delegate.

I have the family coming here for Christmas lunch and since in anticipation of the floors being done half the house has been packed up we are living in less than ideal conditions so somehow we have to hide the worst failings. Isn't tinsel a wonderful invention she thinks as she drapes it over anything that doesn't move 'cos no-one will notice it then, will they.

I have presents to buy. I'm off.

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